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Residential Propane Delivery - When we leave you we leave you warm

Family enjoying cozy propane fireplace

We want to provide you with the comfort of a warm home, cozy fireplace, and along with a heated pool. We offer propane for many different reasons. Propane is an efficient fuel that is clean burning, cost effective and reliable source that has many uses such as heating and cooling homes, heating water, cooking, drying clothes, barbecuing, lighting, and relaxing in front of the cozy propane fireplace. Homeowners prefer propane energy because it is clean, reliable and economical.

We offer a few different residential propane services and products:

On Route

Highly recommended. We offer this to customers with tank sizes of 250 or more gallons. This option gives the peace of mind of knowing your tank will always have propane available when you need it. We take the responsibility of making sure your tank has propane in it always.

Will Call

You request when you want your tank to be filled. We suggest at 20%, as this ensures you will have enough propane to get through to your scheduled delivery day. Also, ensures your tank does not become empty. Read FAQ regarding out of gas procedures.

Level Pay Plan

Customers who have been with us at least one year and has a zero account balance may sign up for this service. We include your previous years propane purchases and rental fees (if applicable) divide them by 12 and that is your monthly level pay plan amount. Your account is adjusted if there is a rise or decrease in propane usage.

Propane Tank - Rental

We will work with you in planning the installation of your propane tank. We rent above ground propane tanks ranging in size from 100 to 1000 gallons on an annual basis. Installation includes delivering your propane tank, hooking up system, performing a safety check and lighting appliances. You must be home during the tank installation, which generally doesn’t take more than a couple of hours.

Tank – Purchase

We sell propane tanks, above and below ground, ranging in size from 100 to 1000 gallons. Above and below ground tank installation includes delivering your propane tank, hooking up system, performing a safety check and lighting appliances. You must be home during installation. Contact us regarding a quote for purchase and/or tank installation.

Customer Owned Tanks

We are please to provide propane tank owners with propane. It is necessary to perform a safety check on your propane system.

Tank Switch Out From Your Current Propane Supplier

We are pleased to accept new customers. We will briefly inspect your tank(s) and piping to make sure it is installed properly. Then we will swap our tank with your existing tank and go over a few safety tips with you. Then you can notify your previous supplier and they will pick up their tank.

Download a copy of our Material Safety Data Sheet.